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Tom Wing will no longer be serving on a regular basis on the Admissions Committee. He has agreed to be on call when needed. Tom has served for many years on Admissions both before it became organized as a national committee and also for the past four years. I have the highest esteem for his judgment, insight and compassion. He can give some one a clear “no” and make them feel okay about it better than many I know. I have sat with him on Admissions through some very difficult decisions and have always felt him come from clarity and heart. My heartfelt thanks to you, Tom for all your years of service.

We welcome to the Admissions Committee three new members: Cindy Silverman, Jeff Galper and Siana Goodwin. Their enthusiasm for the coming job is gratifying to see, and I feel they will be an asset to the committee.

Also, we welcome back to the committee Charles Swenson who has served previously for several years. His past experience on Admissions will be most necessary and helpful to maintain continuity. I am grateful for his desire to serve again.

Congratulations to Cindy Silverman who has been elected as the new Moderator of Admissions Committee. She is enthusiastic and eager to take on the job, and I feel she has many qualities to do well at it. I have already begun working with Cindy as my term on Admissions is up after the June meeting. I look forward to the pleasures of serving one more time as a member and watching Cindy take over the reins.

Richard Stenstadvold will no longer be sitting in on the Admissions process and writing the letters to the candidates. After so many, many years of outstanding service, he feels he should put his time to other uses and so Susan Melchior will be attending all Admissions Meetings and writing the letters. Richard plans to keep involved in the Admissions process through dialog with the Moderator and an occasional attendance at business meetings. I want to thank you, Richard for the wonderful support and guidance you have given me as Moderator of Admissions. I couldn’t have done it without you. I am glad you don’t have to sit and suffer through all those interviews anymore, but we sure are going to miss you.

Also, I would like to welcome Susan Melchior in her new role with Admissions. Her freshness and dedication toward exciting more people for coming to look at our Institute and becoming Rolfers is gratifying to see, and we welcome you, Susan to the Admissions process and specifically to taking part in the interviews.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you Admissions Committee members new and old for the support you have given me as Moderator. I feel that Admissions is the most exciting committee on which to serve in the Institute and it has been a wonderful growth process for me. Even though there were times when I wished I were lying on the beach instead, it was a thoroughly rewarding experience and I feel complete, ready to leave and to turn things over to Cindy and the new group. My best to you all.

With love,

Betzy SiseNational Admissions Committee Changes

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