Postura e gravidade1

Texto: Aline C. Newton Tradução: Fábio Sayão Como corpos, vivemos no campo da gravidade. Em qualquer outra atividade em que estivermos engajados, seja estar sentadolendo este paper, seja caminhando, ou jogando (playing), nós também teremos de nos manter suficientemente firmes para não cair – teremos de endereçar o problema da puxada da gravidade. Como lidamos […]

Working with and Teaching the Ten Series

Q: In the Ten Series (the ten- session series or ‘Recipe’), Ida Rolf created both a pedagogy for Rolfing SI and a template for taking SI into clinical practice. Please  share   your  thoughts on the Ten Series as both a practitioner and an instructor. Do you use the Series strictly? Do you adapt it? Are […]

Rolfing® SI and CrossFit

The human body is a wonderful organism that is able to adapt to structural challenges. In fact, structural challenge is required for the body to be at its maximum potential. If we don’t load and stress bone it will lose strength and mass. The same holds true for tendons, ligaments, and the nervous system. Challenges […]

A Brief Talk About Ida Rolf

Ida Rolf often said she would rather be remembered for her work than for her life story. Consequently there is little written biographic material about her. Let me offer you a brief picture of who she was, as painted by myself, her non-Rolfer son. Her view that the only thing that mattered was what she […]