Insights from a Playful Rolf Movement® Instructor

Pages: 77-81
Year: 2022
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Structure, Function, Integration – Nov 2022/ Vol. 50, No. 3

Volume: 50
ABSTRACT In our ongoing feature of Rolf Movement instructors, we have a discussion with Rita Geirola about her path as a Rolfer, Basic Rolfing instructor, and Rolf Movement instructor. Geirola describes how she is open to the opportunity to change and grow. She has incorporated her experiences from the Rolf Movement instruction of Hubert Godard with her study of Feldenkrais Method®, Pilates, the Mézières Method, and her own infectious joy for life. In this interview, Geirola discusses how her curiosity led her on a journey from being a physical education teacher to Basic Rolfing Instructor and Rolf Movement® Instructor, together with how she continues to evolve in her practice and teaching.

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