About the curatorship

Pedro Prado

Curator of this collection
Advanced Rolfing and Rolf Movement Instructor
And one of the founders of the Brazilian Rolfing Association

The creation of this collection was a natural, spontaneous process, resulting from the bibliographical research I carried out on the occasion of the preparation of my PhD thesis in 2006.

Rolfing®, a new point of view and methodology, with increasingly abundant empirical evidence, needed, as a new science, more research to prove its results.

The existing literature had been published mainly through three collections – Bulletim for Structural Integration, a publication from the early days of the creation and teaching of Rolfing®, Rolf Lines, a publication of the then created Rolf Institute, which combined articles with general communication from the Institute to its members which eventually became “Structural Integration, the Journal of the Rolf Institute”.

These collections were dispersed and incomplete both in the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute itself and in the main local Associations, both in Europe (European Rolfing Association – ERA) or in Brazil (Brazilian Rolfing Association – ABR).

When doing the literature review, it was added the effort to organize and complete these valuable collections.

Dr. Ida Rolf Institute then generated funds to scan key articles for student use.

It was then that I set out to organize a virtual library, which could serve as a basis for consultation and dissemination of written material on Rolfing®, with the possibility of searching for content, publications, dates, authors.

Initially, we limited ourselves to publications by the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, but soon we included the Swiss publication “Normal Function”, and the ABR journal “Rolfing Brasil”, with publications in Portuguese, articles from the IASI (International Association of Structural Integration) Yearbook, as well as a section with academic papers on Rolfing and another on independent publications , that were not in any magazine.

We also found translations of articles  in other languages, and so the library expanded to encompass them, showing in its search articles in different languages.

It’s intended to be a free service, which relies on donations for its support.

And, I hope, it can serve its purpose, spread the knowledge about Rolfing® Structural Integration  and promote its study!