Internal-External Is a Perception of the Nature of Structure

A Post-Rolf Point of View
Pages: 36-42
Year: 2022
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Structure, Function, Integration – July 2022/ Vol. 50, No. 2

Volume: 50
ABSTRACT The internal-external model, originally published in Notes on Structural Integration, titled “Towards a Structural Logic,” in 1986 by Jan H. Sultan, is a foundational understanding of the nature of the human structure. Sultan has written a second edition of this model, informed by more than fifty years of practice and teaching. He describes the inspiration for and the history of the internal-external model and the value of the structural types – congruent internal, congruent external, and incongruentmixed types. The internal-external model is a structural language that was early to identify lines of force transmission. It is a structural description of the inherited direction of growth and adaptations visible in the fascial network.

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