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As I reached the cliff top, laid before me was the ocean expanse and fragrance of wet sand. I wondered if my direction had been correct; scanned the beach below. At the edge of the river flowing out of the mountain into the ocean, I thought I made out a Form in motion. Yet as I watched, the Form became motionless. I felt certain that this was the Being for whom I had searched these months.

I carefully descended, and walked in the shadows of the chits, until I could clearly see the Being. It hovered over a pool of water, then began a kind of dance burst into speed, flung itself through the air and landed in the sand motionless. Only then did I notice that two slender chains of seaweed hung from the cliffs to within a foot of the sand. I detected that the seaweed hung directly above the two ends of the Being’s spine. The Being rolfed from under the seaweed, and in one flowing motion up-righted itself; began again. The dance was passionate beckoning. As if gathered energy, suddenly burst into flight, flame through air, and then – breathtaking stillness. Exactly under the seaweed strands. The precision was awesome.

As the sun fell toward the ocean back, a change came over the Being. I believe the features softened. Its face assumed a more feminine pattern. The ritual I had witnessed ended abruptly as the beach disappeared from sunlight. Only then did I feel able to approach. I helped the Being gather driftwood for tile fire. It showed me how to run c couched over the river lets (lowing through the beach, fingers clawing the water. We soon had fish. We ate.

The Being then turned to face me directly; gestured for me to assume a comfortable sitting position. As I watched, it changed its entire presence from female to male. Before I could gasp, it was female again. It shuddered between the two poles – such beauty, each of these states, I was at once drawn, yet content to remain as I was. I was directed to lay in the sand. The Being’s hands encircled my neck just at the skull’s edge. I felt the pull of eternal patience and a sustained opening at the joint. The Being laid its hands at the bottom of my spine just at the pelvic edge. With the stretch, darkness first flowed and then an opening at the joint. Between the two openings, a blue light hogan to circulate. I felt possessed of an unearthly power.

I was then directed to dance my soul – first to the ocean spread before us and to the mountains backing us. As the dance overcame me, I was aware that ocean and mountain pulsed at the point of my revolutions. Following the Being’s lead, I burst into flight and landed under the seaweed, motionless. I was ecstatic, but the being seemed somehow disturbed. It pointed to the two ends of the seaweed strands at the same moment it again penetrated the ends of my spine. I slowly realized that these two joints were not directly under the seaweed. The Being encouraged me to repeat the projection.

I practiced the eland e, the flight, and the landing for many months. I had by this time plastered my presence: at choice I vibrated between man or woman. The openings continued to circulate blue light. I was reaching the point of power – in which I could end ecstatic flight by landing motionlessly under the seaweed -the strands directly above the two poles from which the light emanated. The nearer I progressed towards this, the more intense the light.

I can not foretell the end of my tale; Iran but indicate its beginning. Its beginning Oct erred on the evening that I landed directly under the seaweed. In that moment, the alternation between man or woman, mountain or ocean, movement or stillness that I had believed to be the goal of the Being’s teaching ceased. In that moment the intervals between the two realms approached each other with such speed that the heat of impact forged them into one. The light achieved sec h brilliant r that I was shone into the ancient puke of the headwaters and the depths of the wave structure yet was clearly defined in my own essence.

That evening, the Being fumed me out of the teaching grounds.

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