Moving into Alignment

Pages: 52-58
Year: 2019
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Structure, Function, Integration Journal – Vol. 47 – Nº 2

Volume: 47

ABSTRACT This article excerpts the material on session two of the Ten Series from Moving into Alignment, a book to accompany the Ten Series by Rolfer and Rolf Movement practitioner Jennifer Hayes. We precede the excerpt with a brief interview with Jennifer.


Anne Hoff: Tell us a bit about the genesis of this book, Moving into Alignment: Your Practical Guide to Improve Posture, Reduce Pain and Move with Ease (2019; self-published).

Jennifer Hayes: Celebrating twenty-five years as a Rolfer and Rolf Movement practitioner was part of the impetus of me writing the book. I wrote the book because there is a void in self-care at- home direction for folks to maintain and revitalize the positive changes they achieve in their Ten Series of Rolfing® Structural Integration. As a movement practitioner, I find empowering folks with embodiment ideas inspires them to be in charge of their well-being and explore their self-care.

AH: Say a bit about  the  content.  Do you go through self-care or homework exercises for each session of the Series?

JH: I’ve chosen the best movements, from many modalities, that are a companion to the Ten Series. Each chapter has five movements and one neck stretch that mirror the goals of that Rolfing session. They can be done after the session to deepen and maintain the objectives of the session, or after the Ten Series as tune-ups, revitalizing a chosen session that speaks to the client. The book is beautifully photographed with easy-to- follow descriptions.

AH: Were the elements used for each session things that came together for  you in your practice organically over the years, or did it more come about as you brainstormed the book?

JH: Mostly, the movements are ones that I have shared with clients over the years. I wanted to have them all in one place and easy to reference. While writing the book, it was a bonus to be able to fill in movements that are applicable to the goals of that Rolfing session.

AH: What about sessions eight, nine, and ten? The goals for those are less specific to certain body parts and more about integration and holism. Say a bit about how you formulated those chapters.

JH: I went with the classical principle of session eight being a lower body session, so that chapter is called “Stability.” Session nine, called “Integration,” is an upper body focus, and the material for session ten is about finding your own way in gravity and closure. These chapters have deeper layers of fascia in mind. They will be for the more experienced somatic folks. The material for session nine includes a gem – an easy-to-follow description of Ida Rolf’s arm rotation sequence. This was passed on as oral tradition in my 1993 Rolf Movement certification class. Some Rolfers may have come across it in  their  training,  but to my knowledge it has never been formally documented. I have entitled the movement “Dr Ida Rolf Arm Rotations” and am excited that this helpful, unique movement sequence is now accessible to Rolfers and their clients!

AH: It sounds like you wrote the book with your clients in mind, but I imagine practitioners could also use it as a reference in giving clients specific homework, or to support their own embodiment.

JH: Agreed, for  Rolfers  who  have  yet to embark on their Rolf Movement Certification, the entire book is particularly valuable. They will understand the principle of the goal that is being addressed and see how the movement applies. And self- care is a must for Rolfers new and old!

AH: How can our readers or their clients get the book?

JH: It is a limited-edition run of 900 copies. It’s available through my website, https:// rolfingstudiotoronto.com/product/moving- into-alignment/.

Jennifer Hayes is a graduate of the Rolf Institute®. She did her Basic Training in 1990, her Rolf Movement certification in1993, and her Advanced Training  in 1998. She also certified as a craniosacral practitioner in 2010 and a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner in 2012. Jennifer is a founding member of The Rolfing Association of Canada and holds a BA in dance and theatre from the University of Guelph (Canada). Her practice is in Toronto.

Anne Hoff is a Certified Advanced Rolfer in Seattle, Washington and the Editor-in-Chief of this Journal.




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