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Brian W. Fahey, Ph.D., Adv. Certified Rolfer (Albuquerque, New Mexico) is pleased to announce publication of The Power of Balance: A Rolfing View of Health by Metamorphous Press, Inc., Portland, Oregon. By late Autumn, the book is expected to be in stores, as well as available for purchase from the Rolf Institute’s Boulder Headquarters.

Containing thirteen chapters, the book describes the Rolfing work and includes a section on Movement Education authored by Heather Wing. The book gives a detailed account of how structural imbalance occurs during our journey from birth to death, and this is followed by seven chapters of anatomical and functional information, providing the reader with a solid background about how the body is organized. The next three chapters are concerned with creating balance in lifestyle areas of work, diet, and physical activity. A concluding chapter summarizes the philosophical implications of making the paradigm shift to living a life of balance in all levels of being. Also included are appendices and a selection of “Exercises for Integrated Development” designed to enhance patterns of balance established by the Rolfing sessions.

Rolfer Holly Howard (Columbia, Maryland) in reviewing The Power of Balance observes the book is definitely “a significant contribution to the Rolfing school of thought.” Of particular interest were…

.self-help suggestions in every chapter-some of which were new and others served as encouraging reminders.

.the “Body Play” section recapitulated ideas about the appropriateness of physical fitness activities in a culture which looks to health clubs for developing strength, tone, and somatic well-being.

.character studies in each section which were informative and interesting.

New practitioners will find the book useful as will prospective Rolfing students. Additionally it will be an important resource in attracting new clients to Rolfing and will also enrich the experience of anyone current working as a Rolfer or Rolfing Movement Teacher.New Rolfing Book Published

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