Specialty Pad Provides Comfort

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I want to share with my colleagues what I consider to be an advancement in Rolfing technology. Breakthroughs being rare, this may be the most recent since rising from the floor onto the Rolfmg table.

I want to recommend the use of foam, corrugated (“egg-carton”) sleeping pads placed over the mat you already have on your Rolfing table. I learned the benefits of using this additional pad when I Rolled a client who came for sessions after healing from a fractured pelvis. During the first session, she found it quite intolerable to lie for long periods of time on just a foam pad. Being a nurse and knowing of these pads for hospital bed use, she brought one for subsequent sessions, and it provided the support she needed to prevent undue, localized pressure in sensitive areas, particularly on her sacrum.

Later I used this same auxiliary pad with regular clients, and to my delight they reported greater comfort in a prone position. In addition, I had the bonus of greater ease sliding my hands to the underside of a body. Positive client feedback hag prompted my offering this innovation with the hope that you also meet with similar response. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Judith Mayanja is an Advanced Certified Rolfer in Kansas City, Missouri.Specialty Pad Provides Comfort

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