CAPA - ROLF LINES - 1989-Vol XVII - 04-Fall

Meditations on Our Work

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Year: 1989
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

ROLF LINES, Vol XVII Nº 04 – FALL 1989

Volume: XVII


In Rolfing we are working on many levels of reality.

Structurally. We evoke order and integrate relationships within the physical structure so that the field of Gravity which governs all physical life can nourish the person with its Energy instead of the person using up so much energy simply to exist, struggling against the Gravity field.

Energetically. This involves the inner electromagnetic core of consciousness within every person. We are attempting to give this central core its proper length and space within which to develop and amplify the consciousness of the person.

Spiritually. We recognize that the physical body is a condensed form of intelligent responsive forces whose origin is light and divine consciousness. In working with these realities, our methods of communication are love and thoughtful intention.


The Line

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The Rolf “Line” is not a thing, it is an experience. In essence, it is the Self, the part of us that is not perishable or changeable – it is the divine spark within each person. It is eternally present but can be more or less awake and expressed into that individual life. It can be more or less radiant or hidden. This “core” is made of those physical and subtle structures of our anatomy that when activated and enlivened make it possible for the person to be nourished by the intrinsic energies of his “line”, that person being enabled to reflect and express to a greater degree the innate and unique qualities of his nature.

By helping to dissolve the binding and contracting forces that congest the structural and energetic anatomy, we are, in effect, helping a clearer reflected image of the Self to emerge and express itself into individual life. The “Line” of each person is actually, because of its universal nature, in correspondence with the “line” of every other person(being). The “line” is our point of identity and connection with all Life. Each person’s “line” is his well -from which he draws the waters of life from the underground stream up into the temple of his own life. In India this concept of holism is expressed as the “net of gems” where every facet of every gem reflects every facet of every other gem, creating a Unity where every part reflects the whole, like a hologram.

Within the concepts, the experience and the vocabulary of Rolfing, we can understand the intention and effect of our labors. We are helping, through structural integration, to free the Self into greater expression through the individual personality – to bring these energies of peace, love and creativity into individual lives and thus into the world.

“Thy will be done on Eart has it is in Heaven.”


With all this said, our work is humbling, even with its lofty ideals. We can work with someone but it is that person themselves who must be willing and have the discipline to live from the core line. Our role asRolfers is to encourage, inspire and show the possibility of this change of awareness. And, of course, we must practice this discipline our selves. The rest is up to the free will of the Rolfee.

We will be very unhappy as Rolfers if we do not embrace the limitations of our role in the process of another. We will be burdened by too much responsibility, taking on praise or blame which causes us much suffering. We should realize what our role is and what it is not. We should serve others with love and enjoy ourselves doing it. We must have implicit faith in the inevitable urge of every life to unfold and evolve. Otherwise, we will dominate our clients and we ourselves will be dominated by the urge to control another. Rolfing under these mental circumstances becomes a product instead of a process and it will lose its power to up lift and empower others. We must learn to be very humble and at the same time work with great faith and enthusiasm.

Prayer for 1990

I love and respect the power of my life unfolding – my life and all other lives. We are not yet perfect in our love. We all have weaknesses and failings. I yearn to love people because of their humanity, our humanness, the movement of our lives toward Love. I now release all anger, all desire to control, all criticism and judgement of myself and others. I know that I am one with all. May the love of my heart pour forth to each and every person in their humanity, broken and imperfect. To love only that which is perfect is no love at all. God loves broken things – the broken part of Himself. If we are to be perfect, then let us be perfect in our love. Then we shall truly be gods.

David Laden is an Adv. Rolfer in Madison, Wisconsin.Meditations on Our Work

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