Flo-Motion Movement Awareness System

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Year: 1989
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Rolf Lines – (Genérico)


Flo-Motion Movement Awareness System is an exciting new approach to exercise, fitness, body/mind awareness, and the applied principles of balanced, integrated movement. Fluid-dynamic movement is introduced by the Flo, an innovative exercise/biofeedback device: a tube of state of the art aero space material with handles attached at each end. The product is activated by an in-fusion of a quart and a half of water, which when moved in spatial patterns around the body, sensitizes mind and body in a unified field of thought and action.

I was introduced to the Flo System last summer at a seminar in Boulder, and it was a profound experience for me. Since then, I continue to have sensitive experiences that open possibilities of further development in my own body/mind awareness; the more I use the Flo, the deeper and more integrative are the results. As a Rolfer, I was amazed and challenged by this system, especially in how it has deepened my awareness and experience of intrinsic/extrinsic balance, core/sleeve relationship and left/ right hemispheric functional integration, and for this reason, I have decided to share this tool with my colleagues.

Timothy Roberts of Excelsis Enterprises recalls how he discovered and developed this movement awareness system:

I was introduced to the principles of fluid-dynamic movement and to a rough prototype device in 1986 by an aerospace engineer, while I was teaching body mind seminars in Florida. Having been a licensed massage therapist and certified Hoshino therapist since 1976, and involved in a number of other disciples, I had begun training students in these methods of body work and healing. At first, I saw the Flo as an educational device to be used in conjunction with my practice, in hopes of blending body work and movement into a more complete science. The study of my own movement while using the Flo began to reveal the integrative, educational, and transformational properties of the sys-tem. Since that time, I have been dedicated to the research and development of Flo Motion Movement Awareness System (F.M.M.A.S.).

What is so unique about F.M.M.A.S. is the tool itself and the unique effect it has on the user. It is truly a revolutionary product. Instead of simply exercising with Flo Motion, we exercise as well as “entercise” an evolutionary aspect of the Flo: the sensitive bio-feedback process of receiving immediate and accurate information between movement and self which allows us to explore and develop dynamic body/mind integration.

Water is propelled from one end of the Flo to the other, through a variety of specifically designed movements, alternating from one side to side. This is the dynamic/receptive exercise modality that educates, re educates and conditions the body/mind continuum. While the Flo is guiding us through the movement sequences, assisting and developing sound bio-mechanical technique, it is also accurately gauging our own sense of rhythm, timing, and coordination. This ongoing sensory information allows us to continue making higher, more intuitive/instinctual adaptations to the natural body process in movement movement which may awaken cellular memory, re educate neural path ways, and keep the motor/sensory relationships in balance. But most of all, the Flo is extremely enjoyable to work with. We can go on and on about the physiological, kinesiological, psychological aspects of the system. The intellectual process is an important part of our Research and Development Department, in terms 0fdefining the tool. In essence, however, the true nature of under-standing this system lies in the experiential domain.

Who uses Flo-Motion? People from ages 7-70. Also persons interested in using the Flo as an adjunct to their sport of activity whether amateur or professional. It is also a great tool for children in developing rhythm, balance, and coordination. It has great potential for work with children in special education, as well as in the area of physical rehabilitation. It is gentle enough for senior citizens, for mobility and flexibility maintenance and is excellent for general cardiovascular conditioning.

Excelsis Enterprises, Inc., on Maui in Hawaii, is currently marketing the Flo Motion System and Video Instructional Series. We are also developing a teacher/trainer certification program at our headquarters on Maui, Hawaii. Information regarding F.M.M.A.S, the Flo, and accompanying videos may be obtained from

Excelsis Enterprises, Inc.55-A Kekaulike AvenueKula, Maui, Hawaii 96790(808) 878-3058

Greg Overton is a Certified Rolfer in Makawao, Maui, Hawaii.Flo-Motion Movement Awareness System

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