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Fragments of a Whole Process

Pages: 30-31
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Bulletin of Structural Integration Ida P. Rolf


Dear Dr. Rolf.

I am grateful for what the (Structural Integration) processing has done for me ? Please forgive the subjectivity and please forgive the writing of fragments of a whole process that has been taking place in me. Some of the following may seem like “old stuff” to you by now, but it is not to me. It seems evident to me that each individual would have a unique pattern of changes (and therefore) a somewhat different story to tell. Here is mine:

1. (Before processing) could not smile at will, nor respond spontaneously to a smile with a smile. I had to acknowledge a smile with words. Now I have come a long way – I can smile)

2. I felt blue much of the time; now I feel some genuine happiness just to be alive every day. I never would have guessed such a thing could happen.

3. I am able to work with things as they are each moment. Before, this was a philosophical concept, but now it begins to be a reality.

4. No longer am I dragging and pushing myself through life. I have a feeling of lightness and freedom.

5. I am developing “feelers” – a sensitiveness to other people and the moving environment around me.

6. People have told me that my face is becoming more expressive and that my facial contours are changing in a pleasing way.

7. I had the feeling in the past that my body was ugly. Now I feel that it has beauty.

8. The “gnawing” feeling in my solar plexus – and the bloating – is now gone.

9. The congestion in the pelvic area is much alleviated.

10. Before, my shoulders and neck were bound; now they are becoming free – more and more as time goes on.

11. 1 now have a “torso” and feel a separation between the ribcage and pelvis.

12. An extra bonus; I can even wear a bikini.

13. That “chicken-breasted hump” at the upper chest is even disappearing – this was a completely unexpected surprise.

14. Now that I can breathe, I realize that I had been half suffocating before.

15. I have more energy and alertness and the feeling that everything in life falls into place easily.

Truly, the process does not stop with the processing.

Barbara VenskoFragments of a Whole Process

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