Practice Building Resources

Pages: 32-34
Year: 1991
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

ROLF LINES, Vol IXX Nº 03 – Jun/Jul 1991

Volume: IXX

This index lists some resources available to Rolfers and Movement Teachers for support in practice-building. ROLF LINES’ articles, products, and services are reviewed for the years 1987 to the present; Rolfing advertisements, to 1985. There is also a section of references and brief descriptions of magazines and books I have found useful in stimulating my thinking about practice-building.

If you want to receive any of the articles I have written as listed in this column, I am glad to provide copies for $1 each. Send your requests to me at my South Burlington, Vermont address (See “Authors section).

If you want other articles/ads reprints from previous issues of ROLF LINES, send $1 for each article along with the title/author/issue to the Rolf institute in Boulder, Attention: Rolf Lines Editor. Allow three weeks for delivery of articles ordered from the Institute.

Practice-Building Articles in ROLF LINES

?The Enrollment Process”, Jeffry Galper, Jan/February l991, Vol.19, No.1.

?Developing Client Support for Rolfing?, J. Galper, Nov/Dec., 1990, Vol.18, No.5.

?Working with Health Clubs?, J. Galper, Sept/Oct 1990, Vol.18, No.4.

?Statistics for Practice Buildings?, J. Galper, July/August 1990, Vol.18, No.3.

?Building a Post-10 Rolfing Practice?, J. Galper, May/June 1990, Vol.18, No.2.

?A Gift Certificate Programs?, J. Galper, Fall 1989, Vol.17, No.4.

?Advanced Rolfing Activates Core Energy?, David Laden, Summer 1989, Vol.17, No.3.

?Creating Success?, Julie Ireland, Summer 1989, Vol.17, No.3.

?On Hanging Touch Under Your Bushel Basket?, Paul Shane, Winter 1989, Vol.17, No.1.

?Educating Physicians About Rolfing?, J. Galper, Spring 1989, Vol.17, No.2.

?Practice Building?, Sarah Emory, Nov/Dec 1988, Vol.16, No.5.

?Generating Rolfing Clients: The Results of a Survey?, J. Galper, Nov/Dec 1988, Vol.16, No.5.

?What Are Graphics and Why Do We Need Them Anyway?? March/April 1988, Vol.16, No.2

?Your Public Awareness Committee: A Report?, March/April 1988, Vol.16, No.2.

?Having Your Image Work For You?, Owen Marcus, March/ April 1988, Vol.16, No. 2.

?A Scholarship Program for Rolfing Clients?, J. Galper, March/April 1988, Vol.16, No.2.

?Creating a Professional Network?, Owen Marcus, Jan/Feb 1988, Vol.16, No.1.

?Making the Most of Printed Advertising?, J. Galper, Jan/Feb 1988, Vol.16, No.1.

?Entrepreneurship?, Owen Marcus, Nov/Dec 1987, Vol.15, No.6.

Rolfing Advertisements

Reprinted in ROLF LINES. Identified by headline

– This Body Feels Old. Nov/Dec 1990, Vol.18, No.5.

– Joe Laur Talks About Rolfing (and Men’s Bodies) (and Children), (And Emotional Release), (And Sexual and Physical Abuse). Four separate ads. July/ August 1990, Vol.18, No.3.

– This Body Hurts. Sept / Oct 1990, Vol.18, No.4.

– Poor Posture: It’s Worse Than It Looks. Sept/Oct 1990, Vol.18, No.4.

– Do You HaveThese Signs of Poor Posture?

– How To Improve Your Posture?
Through Rolfing When Your Muscles and Bones Hurt, Should You Choose Rolfing?
You Can Feel Your Age, and No Older
Jan/Feb 1988, Vol.16, No.1.

– Rolfing: Its Scientific Roots
Rolfing: A Lifetime Investment Rolfing A Corporate Perspective
Rolfing: How Does It Work? Rolfing Does It Hurt?
August/September 1986, Vol.14, No.4.

– Rolfing Riddles: When Is A Body Like A Barn?
Rolfing And Physical Fitness
Rolfing: And Back Pain
Rolfing: And Aging
Rolfing: And Flexibility
October 1985, Vol.13, No.9.

Other Related Materials

– Rolfing logo pins for sale. Jan Sultan, Nov/Dec 1990, Vol .18, No.5.

– Post-10 brochure for sale. Jeff Galper, July/Aug 1990, Vol.18, No.3.

– Rolfing: The Art of Structural Integration. A 45-minute educational video about Rolfing. Dia Lynn, March/April 1988, Vol.16, No.2.

– Rolfing Demonstration Vídeo Available. Educational video of Jeff Galper presenting a demo. Oct/Nov 1986, Vol.14, No.5.

Magazines & Books

– The Practice Builder. A journal published 11 times/year. 2755 Bristol, Suite 100, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-5909 USA. Tele. (714) 545-8900.

Monthly magazine, $119/ year and worth it. Directed generically to health service professionals. Contains articles, strategies and examples in many areas of practice-building. Each issue has provided an idea I have used or adapted or found provocative enough to consider. Call for a sample issue. A phone consultation service (which I have found useful on several occasions) is included with the subscription prices.

– Massage Therapy Journal. Journal of the AMTA published 4 times/ year. You must be a be member of the AMTA to receive this publication. 1130 W. North Shore Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626 USA. Tele. (312) 761-AMTA.

Frequently contains articles on aspects of practice-building for bodyworkers. Also a useful way to be informed about what is happening technically, organizationally, and politically in one large segment of the bodywork community.

– The Business of Body Work by Richard Carlson, Certified Rolfer. Institute for the Advancement of Professional Bodyworks, 49 pp., 1987. Regent Press, 2747 Regent Street, Berkeley, CA 94705 USA.

Short, useful and practical. Specifically oriented to practice-building. Chapters on referrals, advertising, use of free sessions, and. more. A beginning place.

– Business Mastery: A Business and Planning Guide for Creating a Successful Healing Arts Practice by Cherie Sohnen-Moe, 200 pp., 988. $19.95 plus $2.50 shipping. Sohnen-Moe Associates, 3906 W. Ina Road, #200-264, Tucson, AZ 85741 USA. Tele. (602) 744-0094.

Includes major sections on planning, business plans, self-management, a wide variety of sample forms and specific material on practice-building. Intended as a workbook and a bank of ideas. Has the value of a broad overview of many aspects of the business of our work but limited in its specific focus on practice-building.

– Private Practice by Louis Mone, ACSW, 113 pp., 1983. Elm Press, 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite 2151, La Jolla, CA 92037 USA.

A broad array of topics on various aspects of running a private practice, including generating referrals. Written with psychotherapists in mind, but useful as a source of cross-fertilization to our world

– How to Start and Build a Law Practice by Jay Foonberg, 2nd edition, 259 pp., 1984. Publications Planning tic Marketing, American Bar Association, 750 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60611 USA.

The least directly applicable of these resources and yet, because of the difference in profession, the most provocative for the way it confronted me about the assumptions and categories through which I had thought about the subject of practice-building.

– Building and Managing A Private Practice by Daniel Richards, 268 pp., 1990. American Assoc. for Counseling & Development, 5999 Stevenson Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22304 USA.

Psychotherapy focused, business aspects of practice, marketing and a variety of topics on running a practice. Useful again for expanding our thinking.Practice Building Resources

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