Making the Most of Printed Advertising

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Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Rolf Lines – (Genérico)


Encouraged by your response to previous sharing of Rolfing advertisements, I am offering four more for you to inspect, modify, or borrow as is.

Some suggestions regarding printed advertisements:

Printed advertising is rarely useful on a one-shot basis. Choose an outlet for your ads and a frequency that you can sustain over time.

You will tire of copy before the copy has lost its impact.

Printed ads need to be used in a broader context of reaching your target. They may or may not bring calls immediately, but they will help create a context for Rolfing when awareness of Rolfing reaches people in a second and third way. Therefore to the extent possible, target your intended audience for repeated messages (ads, demos, word of mouth, referral), and assess the appropriate next Rolfing message needed by the target group. For example, do people need to have an initial exposure to Rolfing, do they need a very specific benefit highlighted, do they need a reason to “act now?? Different answers to these questions suggest different advertising and outreach approaches.Making the Most of Printed Advertising

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