Advanced Rolfing: Activating Core Energy

Pages: 23-24
Year: 1989
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Rolf Lines – Vol. XVII – Nº 03 – Summer 1989

Volume: XVII
This article appeared in a client-newsletter New Perspectives, A Quarterly Bulletin about Rolfing and Somatic Awareness published by Adv. Rolfer David Laden of Madison, Wisconsin. Distributed to approximately 200 plus people, this article announced David's advanced certification and introduced information about Advanced Rolfing.

On April 28th I returned from a six-week advanced studies program at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado The Rolf institute is the school that Dr. Ida P. Rolf founded for the purpose of training and certifying Rolfers, doing research into the long-term benefits of Rolfing and its benefits to the society- at-large, and as an institute for advanced training for Certified Rolfers throughout their careers. Those Rolfers who have prepared certain prerequisites and who have completed an intensive six-week advanced training are known as Advanced Certified Rolfers. It is my privilege to now have this advanced certification.

One of the major objectives of this training was to learn a very specific way of working with people who desire to continue their Rolfing process after they have done the ten-session basic series and possibly some ‘post-ten’ work. The Advanced Series which I have just learned is a natural continuation of basic Rolfing. However, now we are working with people whose bodies are relatively sophisticated, who realize the importance of the body’s freedom with their personal growth, and who are highly motivated and inner-directed. Advanced Rolfing was developed by Dr. Rolf as an opportunity for these people to take another big step in their personal evolution.

The Advanced Series is a partnership. As the Rolfer works, the Rolfee participates by using movements and positions that activate what we call ?core structure? or ?the line?. These terms refer to the most intrinsic layer of muscles and fascia in the body. The positioning of the body and the intrinsic movement by the Rolfee in these positions effects deep change. It is an exciting experience where the Rolfee is always inwardly seeking to activate his own core and, most importantly, to take control of this level of his body and being.

Let me summarize what the sessions are like. The first session focuses on the head and neck, getting space, length and balance and relating these structures to the core of the body. The position for the first session is generally on the back.

The second session uses a very dynamic position called the Z-position. It is designed to free congestion around the pelvic floor, sacrum and coccyx while integrating these with the intrinsic level of the leg, feet and abdomen.

In the third session, the Rolfer works with the Rolfee in a fetal position, called the C-position, which allows the unwinding of deep spinal rotations and activates movement and energy on the front surface of the spine.

The last two sessions get the Rolfee up into the gravity field where the goal is to integrate the movement of the pelvic and shoulder girdles with the core spinal movements. The fourth session uses a seated position called the L-position where the Rolfee works with subtle movements of the pelvis and spine and the joints of the arms and legs.

The fifth session uses many positions–lying, kneeling, sitting and standing— to extend and expand the intrinsic core-line and help the Rolfee live and move from this dynamic yet peaceful place.

When this core level is free and moving, there is a big shift in energy, a big shift in one’s feeling of self. I say this out of my own experience both as a Rolfer and Rolfee.

During our training I received the Advanced Series myself. The changes in my own body are remarkable. My once chronically bowed legs are now almost totally straight. It is such a pleasure to walk and run almost without effort. Not only that, but my lower back feels light and balanced. Emotionally, I feel more easy going, yet anchored.

The Advanced Rolfing Series, unlike Basic Rolfing, is designed to be repeated. Each time a pawn does the Advanced Series, it takes them to a higher level of integration. It is an ever available resource.

Rolfing – basics post-ten, and advanced – is a way of cooperating with the evolutionary process of life. The goal of Rolfing is to lift the body up and give it support from within, to get it grounded and feeling capable, to get it moving gracefully, well-related to the world. It is amazing to see the changes people make in their lives as deep patterns of tension gradually release and unwind, allowing the body and personally to unfold.

Rolfing is based in physiology, psychology and the science of Mankind that has been with us for thousands of years in every culture. Dr. Rolf was a pioneer in resurrecting ancient science and making it relevant for modern times, when the need of modem people is so great.

Rolfing addresses this need in a most direct way. There is so much freedom, both physical and psychological, that can be achieved through this process. I hope you will rake the opportunity to benefit personally from this work. If you would like more information on basic or advanced Rolfing, feel free to call me.

To those friends who have already completed their basic work, I invite you to do the Advanced Series. It would be my great pleasure to work with you again.Advanced Rolfing: Activating Core Energy

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