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Structural Integration and the Living ‘Line’

Pages: 70-79
Year: 2023
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Structure, Function, Integration – Journal of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® – March 2023 – Vol. 51, No. 1

Volume: Vol. 51
ABSTRACT In the structural integration paradigm, a good standing posture is one that is organized in the gravitational field. Said another way, a person is free to breathe, feel, and allow continuous muscular adjustments for an unceasing interplay of movement. This fluid verticality is evoked when standing and working with The Original Tuning Board™. In this article, Darrell Sanchez describes the tuning board paradox of dynamic balance, where humans both stand with stability and motion. He explains the refined foot position, the neutral experience, and the folding exercise using the tuning board, all of which enhance the client’s experience of their own living ‘Line’.

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