The First Three Sessions

Validate – Connect – Create
Pages: 60
Year: 2022
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Structure, Function, Integration – July 2022/ Vol. 50, No. 2

Volume: 50

The First Three
Validate – Connect – Create
By Kathy McConnell, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Kathy McConnell Movement® Practitioner
Ode to Session One
Free to Breathe
I see sorrow
In your slumping shoulders.
I see resignation
In your chest.
Ribs held tight, close in,
Tethered to your injured heart.
Who told you
to hide in the dark?
Who told you
not to breathe?
Who jailed your spirit
and took away your air?
Whatever they said,
it’s not true.
You are free
to breathe
Let me show you.
Ode to Session Two
Loving Gravity
What if you could:
Meet the ground
beneath your feet.
Let go your fear
of letting go.
Drop the blocks
that keep you boxed.
Clear a pathway
of connection.
Re-imagine the spring
in your step.
Here’s how:
Take off your shoes.
Open the eyes of your feet.
Let gravity flow through.
Allow the Earth to love you back.
Ode to Session Three
Earth to Sky
Now that
your breathing is freed
and your feet can see,
press down with your legs,
reach up with your arms,
creating a field to be planted.
Dig deep with your mind,
unearthing gems
in the veins of your flesh.
Embrace the adventure
of this gesture
as love.
The seeds you sow
will sprout.
Keep reaching out,
hug tomorrow with trust.
Trust in your ground.
Kathy McConnell is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her twenty
years of practice, she has assembled an eclectic palette of formal and self-directed training that influence her work, including
craniosacral therapy, medical qigong, and Western esoteric studies. Through her poetry, she is experimenting with the language of
embodiment that is awakened by Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement

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