The Relevance of Gravity Orientation to Postural Change and Improved Motor Patterns

An Interview with Kevin Frank
Pages: 32-45
Year: 2023
Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Structure, Function, ntegration. Journal of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute. July 2023 – Vol. 51 – No. 2

Volume: 51
ABSTRACT This interview with Rolf Movement® faculty member, Kevin Frank, focuses on gravity orientation and its relevance to structural integration and somatic movement education. Gravity orientation helps us make sense of Dr. Rolf’s insistence that gravity is central to how and why humans can evolve. With French Rolfer Hubert Godard’s introduction of the tonic function perspective in the early 1990s, practitioners of many somatic arts can appreciate the need to understand how movement patterns, of which posture is an example, can shift. Conscious attention to gravity orientation, when practiced skillfully, leads to plasticity in basic motor patterns not meant to be changed casually. The tonic function model links the basis of physical and psychological stability, further bolstering Rolf’s suggestions in regard to this relationship. Authors’ note: This article has an introduction written by Kevin Frank, a lead into our conversation about gravity orientation.

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