Structural Integration and Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy emphasizes “awareness” and “focusing on the obvious”. in working with people our existential message can be paraphrased: “come to your senses”, or “lose your mind and gain your senses” as Fritz Perls outs it. Coming to one’s senses” is synonymous with coming to one’s body. There are no senses in the cortex, or […]

Discharge Freeing Past Failures

The Rolf practitioner must become skilled at recognising all forms of discharge, both emotional and physical. Often the psychology of the discharge, the emotional outpouring (generally in a vocal form) is the most dramatic, and the most obvious. However, the physical expressions the soreness, pains, chemical changes that would be manifest either in sweating or […]

Sing the Body Electric My New Carnality

THERAPY IS DEFINED by the dominant cultural vision of wholeness or maturity. When Freud defined maturity – and thus the aims of therapy as the ability to work and to love, he articulated the ideals for the era we are rapidly leaving. In practice, the psycho therapeutic method that evolved from Freud’s vision has been […]

The Fascia

“Philosophy of Osteopathy” was written and published by Andrew Taylor Still in 1899. Especially Interesting is Its picture of therapeutic premises, manipulative and otherwise, at the turn of the present century. Andrew Taylor Still, founding pioneer of Osteopathy, lived and worked In Kirksville. Missouri, where he established a school, the American School of Osteopathy, still […]

Contribution to the Understanding of Stress

INTRODUCTION The thesis which first came to our desk, the subject of this discussion, is the outstanding 262 page dissertation of Peter I ovine submitted to the University of California, Berkeley, as a contribution to physiology. It is titled “Accumulated Stress, Reserve Capacity, and Disease”. The word “stress” was rarely featured in scientific discussions twenty-five […]

Rolfing Was Never Meant to Be Painful

JB: Hal, rolfing is one of the newer body therapies that has blossomed into prominence, and as such it’s shrouded in a lot of mystery. A lot of people have conceptions about rolfing, and I think a nice jumping-off point for this interview would be for you to explain what rolfing is. HM: To attempt […]

Structural Integration

When his physical body gets into difficulties, trouble spreads to the whole man. It affects his consciousness, and he calls it stress. Many approaches, physical and psychological, have been used by men in their efforts in escape – drugs and massage among the oldest of these. What is the first requirement to relieve this stress? […]

Workshop Talk

Notes for New Technicians By Mary Bond Change is a process, not an event; not a single hour of Rolf work or series of ten, but a lifetime. The new Rolf technician knows this, but I would suggest that the events which occur in the course of the work tend to be so spectacular that […]

Muscle Activity

Just what is histochemistry? I think most of us have a fair idea of what chemistry is, but how is histochemistry different? Histochemistry is just a combination of histology and chemistry. Histology is and has been for many years the science that deals with the microscopic anatomy of tissues. We do this simply by removing […]

Notes On Pain : A Participant´s View

I think a lot of what I have gotten out of the rolfing experience has come out of the particular interpersonal situation that is created almost necessarily between rolfer and rolfee. One aspect of this basic situation is that of a strong powerful authority figure responsible for evoking pain in the rolfee. This is a […]