Notes from a Journal

Writing about my experiences a subject for the Ida Rolf course recently held at Los Angeles faces me with the problem of trying to say in words that communicate whet is basically untranslatable from my inner flow of feeling and knowing. Making this attempt is important though, because from all outward appearances the Rolf procedures […]

Psycho-Physical Integrity

The technique evolved by the late F. Matthias Alexander is generally regarded as one for altering the postural behavior of individuals, and indeed it can be so regarded. However, it concerns itself with considerably more than this. It is a technique for altering the reaction of the individual to the stimuli of his environment, and […]

An Osteopath Looks at the Rolf Method

I have been asked to write an article with some such title as “An Osteopath looks at the Rolf Method.” I an willing to make the attempt, and it is possible that I am better qualified to do so than some others because I have now been an osteopath for some forty years and I […]

Medical Malpractice Laws as They Relate to Holistic Health Perspectives

Introduction In the summer of 1972, I had the opportunity to audit the practitioner training in order to explore for myself the origins of the rolling process which I had experienced. During that training I came to understand from Dr. Rolf how the dynamics of health were different from the tenants of medical science, a […]

Floor of the Pelvis

Here I am, sitting on the pelvic floor. When I began looking for this structure my thoughts were on good solid bone; but much to my surprise the floor is comfortably colt, nut flat but relaxingly concave. I feel quite secure. In the middle of this bony basin – with muscles (36 or so), ligaments, […]

Rolfing Structural Integration

For the past two semesters at Colorado Mountain College I have been studying Arthur Young’s ideas from his book ‘The Reflexive Universe. My instructor, Dr. Bob Whitehouse in his course “Exploring Human Potential” challenged us to compare different evolutionary thinkers with Young, and I chose as my term paper to relate Dr. Rolf’s work to […]


THE HIDDEN PATTERN Chapter 1 Yes, bodies can change – your body can, my body can. I do not mean deteriorate I do not mean “age” in the commonly accepted sense. I mean that bodies, the average physical body of flesh and blood is actually an amazing plastic medium which can change and change quickly […]

Do You Know How to Breathe?

There is no shortage of information about the physiology of breathing most of us know that too little oxygen or too much carbon dioxide will make us want more air, and we know that various reflex mechanisms in brain, blood vessel and lung will work automatically to get the breathing process going. This is what […]

Mind and Body

The way the mind and the body are united has preoccupied men throughout the centuries. ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ and similar sayings show the kind of unity that was conceived at the time. In other teachings, the healthy mind makes a healthy body. My contention is that the unity of mind and […]

T’ai Chi

I came to T’ai Chi not as a movement person, and probably because I wasn’t. I was looking for a movement, or form, that would enliven rather than exhaust, something that would increase strength from the inside rather than drain energy. I looked to an Eastern form, since there I could find a traditional mindset […]