Embryonic Forces

The face emerges In the space Created by the growing Heart and brain – An event that repeats On other planes, in other dimensions. Continuous emergence In space. What else emerges in that space? Self. The self emerges In the space Created by the expanding Heart and mind – The mind to imagine What could […]

Embedded in Gravity

ABSTRACT All humans are embedded in a gravity project. It is a project where we learn to rest down into the support of the ground while also reaching upward into spaciousness so that we may orient to, and move through, our environment. Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® faculty member, Pierpaola Volpones, describes the gravity journey, some […]

Fascia Insights – Humans in Microgravity

ABSTRACT Spaceflight research about living systems in weightless environments describes gravity as an instructive force directing the growth and development of biological systems. Dr. Ida Rolf was saying this back when spaceflight was in its infancy in the 1970s. Current research describes the consequences of microgravity on the human body and its tissues, making space […]