An Interview… Ida P. Rolf – Part I

FEITIS: You say you were in touch with osteopath early in your life? ROLF: I knew about Dr. Still before I ever got into rolling. Probably never would’ve gotten into rolling if I hadn’t known about osteopathy. I had had very good experiences with an osteopath in my 20’s, Dr. Morrison. He was a blind […]

An Interview with Ida P. Rolf – Part II

FEITIS: How did you happen to meet John Bennett? ROLF: Well, in the late 1950’s, a client of mine from California -Robinson was his name – said, “Do you know anything about Subuh” And I said, “No, but I know where I could find out about it if you really want to know.” And he […]

Ida Rolf – A Retrospective

The editor wishes to acknowledge those who provided background information necessary to prepare this statement. Special thanks to Dr. Brugh Joy. Wayne Guthrie. Bella Karish, and Dr. Byron Gentry. In rare moments of silence, we join the slow dance of history. Veils begin to fall, one by one. We see ourselves engaged with others acting […]

An Interview with Ida Rolf

  IPR: What would you like to know about aging? How vou do it? Q: Do you say, “I’m an old woman?” “I’m an older person?” How do you talk about it? IPR: I am an old woman. But I don’t talk about it. I just go on putting one foot before the other, so […]

An Approach to Therapeutic Clarity for Somatic Practitioners

Every conscientious therapist of whatever persuasion at some point asks: how far can I trust my own perceptions? The answer is vital though hardly simple. All therapists be they psychoanalysts or rolfers, are its a powerful position vis-a-vis their clients a position that can easily be abused even with the best of intentions. This paper […]

An Osteopath Looks at The Rolf Method – Commentary

By Jocelyn Proby, D.O. Having been an osteopath for flits’ tears, it is possible that I am better qualified than sonic others to assess tilt Rolf method. I have been a Rolf fan ever since I met Dr. Rolf and began to learn something of her methods vents ago. I would like to say at […]

Apropos of Movement

It seems to me that movement is the great law of life, that every single thin moves. All forms move in the sense that everything appears, takes on form, functions and disappears. In the same sense, everything is horn, crows and then lies; or comes into being, chances, and then goes out of being. The […]

Tensegrity Concept Examined

It is the privilege of the newcomer to a field to question the basic concepts that all others have already accepted as self-evident. In my perception the tensegrity model as put forward by David L. Robbie (Orthopedic Review, Vol. VI, No. 11, November 1977) has become such a concept. During my preparation to become a […]

Implications of the Theory of Structural Integration for Movement Therapy

Many students of the nature of human affairs have observed that man’s outer world seems to be a projection of the world within. Ida Rolf proposes that many human dilemmas would be illuminated by examining man’s physical being, his body, and that a better organization of physical structures would be paralleled by a lessening of […]

Rolfing and Psychotherapy with a Psychotic Client

INTRODUCTION Peggy is a 30-year old woman diagnosed “atypical psychotic.” She is a graduate student in psychology and education, specializing in learning disabilities. Her psychosis was brought on by her experience with a therapist who hypnotized her and told her that she was a victim of incest and that her mother had tried to kill […]