CAPA 2002-06-June
WARD, Bethany M.
Pages: 9-13
Year 2002
Okay, lie face up on this mat with your legs outstretched and your hands palm down, next to your body. Good. Now, I’m going to place my foot on your right forearm, just below the elbow. I’ll keep adding weight until you tell me to stop. Take as much weight as you can. Good. Now do the following three movements simultaneously: Flex your feet so you’re pulling your toes up and pushing your heels away from your head; slide your left arm along the floor to shoulder height, bending only at the wrist so you’re making a “stop in the name of the law” gesture with your hand; AND roll your head, chin down, to the left shoulder. GREAT! Now, that’s a Lock. Hold that locked position tight and begin to stretch by moving the fingers of the right hand. Yes! Spread those fingers wide and move them SLOWLY in a rolling wave motion. Yes, you’ve got it. Perfect. Keep breathing normally. Eyes open. Your feet are starting to relax-tighten your lock. Five more seconds… Great! I’m removing my foot; you can unlock. Excellent. You just completed a Forearm Down stretch from the Upper Body Series of Level 1 Rossiter System® Stretches. Let’s do it again…
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