Marina Blandini is a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement practitioner, and a professor of contemporary dance. Blandini completed her Rolfing SI training in Germany in 2002 and is today a Rolfing mentor. She has studied with some of the pioneers of Rolfing SI, such as Ray McCall, Jan Sultan, Jim Asher, Hubert Godard, Pedro Prado, PhD, and Robert Schleip, PhD. She has been researching and practicing the ‘art of movement’ for the last forty years. After thirty years of international studies, research, and work (seven years in the United States, seven years in Brazil, and fifteen years in France), she returned to Sicily and created the Centro Studi L’Arte del Movimento.
CAPA DIRI_Journal_November_2022_INTERACTIVE
HACK, Lina
Pages: 30-34
Year 2022
ABSTRACT In this interview, Rolfer Lina Amy Hack talks with the Director of the Associazone Italiana Rolfing, Marina Blandini, and Italian Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® faculty member Pierpaola Volpones about Rolfing® Structural Integration in Italy, the challenges they have experienced during the pandemic, and the strategies that are helping them persevere. Editor’s note: This conversation took place on March 21, 2022.
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