bulletin_capa genérica
Pages: 12-16
The work of F. Matthias Alexander brings us, in the words of George Bernard Shaw, to “the beginnings of a far reaching science of the involuntary movements we call reflexes.” The technique Alexander devised involves a re education of the kinesthetic sense to provide for correction and self control in each and every movement act. Alexander described his technique most precisely as a “psychophysical re-education with conscious control in the use of the self.”In the three articles which follow we are attempting to show how the work is being applied and carried on presently nearly 15 years after Alexander’s death. *It would be better to consider the body as an “ego” than to consider the mind as such, for the body seems to last for a year, two years, or a hundred years, but that which is called mind, thought or knowledge, appears and disappears in a perpetual state of change.1
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