GILBERT, Isabelle

Isabelle Gilbert has a master’s degree in health science research from the Université de Sherbrooke and is a clinician as a member of Ostéopathie Québec. Gilbert is interested in the effects of post-surgical mobilizations and women’s health. She has been an instructor and clinical supervisor with ENOSI, a professional school of osteopathy, since 2018. She also works with a multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic and sits on the Board of Directors of Ostéopathie Québec. She is studying in the Department of Management and Evaluation of Health Policies and Organizations at the School of Public Health of the Université de Montréal.
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GILBERT, Isabelle
HACK, Lina
Pages: 6-12
Year 2023
ABSTRACT In this interview, osteopath Isabell Gilbert discusses her 2022 peerreviewed article, “Exploring the Effects of Standardized Soft Tissue Mobilization on the Viscoelastic Properties, Pressure Pain Thresholds, and Tactile Pressure Thresholds of the Cesarean Section Scar” that she also presented at the Fascia Research Congress in Montréal, Canada in September 2022. Gilbert discusses her research design, measuring tools, and results.
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