Theres Maibach is an Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) certified teacher as well as the president of the Switzerland regional association of the European Rolfing Association. As well, Maibach holds a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and computer engineering. Becoming an ATSI practitioner was a merging together of her two professions and her passion for humans.
CAPA DIRI_Journal_November_2022_INTERACTIVE
HACK, Lina
Pages: 35-41
Year 2022
ABSTRACT The Swiss Regional Association of the European Rolfing® Association, called IDA, represents all structural integration (SI) professionals in Switzerland – Rolfers, Rolf Practitioners, and Anatomy Train Structural Integration (ATSI) practitioners, etc. In this interview, IDA president, Theres Maibach, describes the history of IDA, how the Swiss SI professionals came together to be recognized by the government as a profession within the complementary therapy category, and the vision of IDA for the future.
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