Letter from John Hammer

I am writing in reference to what Dr. Silverman calls putting the “center line” in the structure of the Rolf Institute. Up to the present the Rolf Institute has not assumed the responsibility of editing written articles and papers on Rolfing before reprinting them. Nor has the Institute taken the position of authority of printing […]

AIDS: The Human Touch Approach

Fonte: Rolf Lines – SET/OCT 1988 The use of touch as a healing tool has been accepted, honored, suspected, discounted, and revived again and again for centuries. Throughout each shift in position, a constant reality has maintained: when one person contacts another person with touch, changes occur. If that touch is brought with ill intent, […]

The Golgi Tendon Reflex Arc as a New Explanation of the Effect of Rolfing

About two years ago I wrote an article in Rolf Lines about two little experiments I did. I wanted to find out how much of my Rolfing work is based on what Rolfer Hans Flury calls “the physical mode” (which is working with the property of mechanical plasticity of connective tissue), and how much it […]

The Pelvic Floor

In preparing for this paper, I was disturbed by the manner in which traditional works of anatomy and physiology divide the body into different systems which are then studied and explored separately. In India I have seen temples which have grown up over the course of centuries. Originally built to protect and contain an innermost […]

Report on the Pilot Project

In November 1990 we certified ten new Rolfers, who graduated from our first Rolfing/Rolfing Movement integrated training, also called the Pilot Project. There has been much discussion and many questions about the Pilot Project. I offer this report to answer some of these questions and let the community know how it went. The first portion […]

In Profile… Jeff Maitland

BILL: What wonderful anecdotes do you have to tell us about Ida? JEFF: I never met Ida; I can’t tell Ida Rolf stories. (Ha! Ha!) BILL: Well, you could… JEFF: Well, I could try…. BILL: Okay, so how long have you been Rolling and how long have you been on the faculty? JEFF: I’ve been […]

In Profile… Jan Sultan

BILL: I’ve been Rolfing for seven and a half years; and unbelievable as it is, I don’t know anything about you: where you came from; how you became our senior teacher; how long you worked with Ida Rolf-how did you get where you are and who are you? JAN: I think it’s accidental and purely […]

Times Are A’Changin

I have been thinking about all the changes that seem to have occurred in my career as a physical therapist and in the health care system as a whole. At Meridian Point Rehabilitation Hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona, we are involved in the exciting process of creating an interdisciplinary approach to pain and somatic dysfunction that […]

My Rolfing Career – Thus Far

Introduction This piece is a description of several aspects of my experiences as a Rolfer at this point in my career. I present it with no notion that my situation is unique or exemplary. Actually, I consider the opposite to be true. While my situation has its idiosyncrasies and my personality its share of peculiarities, […]

Tonic Function: A Gravity Response Model for Rolfing Structural and Movement Integration

A Spectrum of Gravity Issues The founder of Structural Integration, Ida Rolf, emphasized the importance of gravity in considering the evolution of human potential. She implied that the importance of understanding gravity was missing in the osteopathic approach 2. Throughout their respective histories, the martial arts, tai chi, yoga, dance theory, and other schools of […]