Função tônica – orientação pela gravidade como o fundamento para a integração estrutural

Função tônica – orientação pela gravidade como o fundamento para a integração estrutural Texto: Kevin Frank  Tradução: Fábio Sayão Função tônica estrutura Função tônica é o nome para um modelo de integração estrutural desenvolvido pelo professor de dança, pesquisadorrolfista, Hubert Godard. Função tônica conecta a integração estrutural com a pesquisa científica atualos estudos históricos sobre […]

Structural Integration: Origins and Development

  Ida Pauline Rolf, PhD (1896–1979) in 1924. Photograph courtesy of Rockefeller Archive Center. Introduction Structural Integration (SI) is a system of manual therapy and sensorimotor education that purports to improve human biomechanical functioning as a whole rather than to treat particular symptoms. This article briefly reviews its origin and development; the theory, clinical methods, […]

Structural Integration, an Alternative Method of Manual Therapy and Sensorimotor Education

Objectives: The objectives of this report are to review the clinical practice of Structural Integration (SI), an alternative method of soft-tissue manipulation and sensorimotor education, and to summarize the evidence to date for mechanism and clinical efficacy. Methods: The author’s personal knowledge of SI literature, theory, and practice was supplemented by a data- base search, […]

Grounding Structural Concepts in Physical Reality

Ida Rolf consistently stressed the importance of „gravity, an unexplored factor in a more human use of human beings“. Examining this contention more specifically and concretely immediately leads to realizing that gravity as a physical force permanently interacts with other forces. These are normal force which acts from the ground up on the body and […]

Investigação das relações entre postura corporal e funções orais

FONTE: https://rolfing.com.br/2017/03/09/investigacao-das-relacoes-entre-postura-corporal-e-funcoes-orais/ Estou fazendo um balanço de dois anos do curso de fonoaudiologiarealizei um trabalho de iniciação científica nesse ano de 2014, com o objetivo de investigar se há relações entre postura corporalfunções oraisquais são elas. Levantei então uma série de artigos, teses, monografias, que em sua maioria relacionavam respiraçãomastigação com a constituição craniofacial. Isso […]

Neuromuscular Structuring of Human Energy

First I would like to put my subject into a large framework by reviewing the major emphasis in science today. For over a hundred years science was primarily involved in the manipulation of exact measurements, attempting to discover the very elemental facts and properties of matter. In the Twentieth century the emphasis has shifted. Measurement […]

The Feminine Principle in Healing

It is a common practice among male shamans in primitive cultures to dress as women during healing rituals. They believe that women are more able to connect with the healing forces of the spirits that lie within the psyche. In the practice of male dominated western medicine, extremely aggressive “masculine” techniques are applied to body […]

New Rolfing Book Published

Brian W. Fahey, Ph.D., Adv. Certified Rolfer (Albuquerque, New Mexico) is pleased to announce publication of The Power of Balance: A Rolfing View of Health by Metamorphous Press, Inc., Portland, Oregon. By late Autumn, the book is expected to be in stores, as well as available for purchase from the Rolf Institute’s Boulder Headquarters. Containing […]

Having Your Image Work for You

The word “image? has gotten a bad rap in the past few years with such books as Dress of Success, and we often think of image as being what the stereotyped car salesmen try to have and chiropractors never do. The image we as Rolfers and Rolfing Movement Teachers project is what the public sees. […]